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Divine Testimonies

How Jesus Christ Saved Me

Vision - I met Jesus, John the Baptist and GOD

This powerful vision came about the evening after my wife and I were in the Slovakian mountains for a long hike with her godparents and two cousins. It was Tuesday, the 16th of August 2016 on the first day of our hike up one of the mountains in High Tatras, Slovakia.

A short while into our hike, we walked past a very nice quiet area on the hiking trail. Along the trail was a water stream that was flowing further up the mountain. It was so peaceful and quiet that I thought to myself,

“I have to come back here and spend some quiet time alone.”

At the end of our hike, we headed back down the mountain. We reached a really old cabin that was built quite some time ago, and they converted it into a small pub. My wife’s godfather bought some beer from there while everyone else relaxed outside.

I felt the Holy Spirit move me to break away from the group and head back to that spot I came by earlier on. It was like the Lord was moving me to spend some quiet time there alone. When I came to the spot by the stream, I sat on a large rock and faced against the direction the water was flowing.

As I was sitting there, I started to slowly take deep breaths, in and out, while listening to the sounds of the water, listening to the bird's chirp and observing the beautiful surroundings of the trees.

During the first few minutes, I was interrupted by people who were walking by with their children. They made a lot of noise, and some were standing by the water taking photos. After a while, I started to pray to God, and I asked him, “God please can you give me 20 minutes or so where no one walks by so I can sit here in peace and quiet?”

The moment the last group of people left and walked on down the trail, I was alone for exactly 20 minutes. I started to feel a mix of emotions, one of sadness and one of peace. I was in the presence of the Lord, surrounded by His beautiful creation. I felt peace and calmness overflow through my whole being.

My wife and I headed back to the hotel later on in the evening. When I went to bed, I had the most powerful vision, where I met Jesus, John the Baptist and God. I never felt so blessed and honoured to have this encounter.

To my left was a man who had a brown beard and long, brown, dry hair. If you saw this man, you would think he was a beggar. For me, I knew this was Jesus! But many who would have seen Him would have thought otherwise. It felt like Jesus was showing me that many of His own people did not recognise Him, but for me, I knew it was Him.

He was talking quite confidently, and both Jesus and I were having a conversation, but I didn’t know what about. Then He pointed at this man, who was standing to my right a few feet away. He had a short brown beard, long brown hair down to his shoulders, and was wearing clothing that looked like it was made out of fur. But in the Scriptures, John wore clothes that were made of camel's hair.

I wasn’t sure what his clothes were made out of, but I knew it was John the Baptist. I was embarrassed to talk or even look at him. Eventually, I decided to say hello with a wave, and he waved back to me.

Jesus then said to me, “We can sense that you feel unworthy to be here.”

He continued to say, “You must go and meet our Father face to face.”

I was then led to a very secure door with a tall, large black man standing guard. I was thinking to myself, “He must be an angel,” as he was the only one who could activate the door and let anyone in.

I asked, “Are you an angel?”

He looked at me but said nothing. Eventually, the door opened. I sat down and looked at a screen to communicate with God. Suddenly an image appeared on the screen, but it became distorted. It was God. Another Scripture confirmed and verified as to why I could not see God on the screen:

“No one has seen the Father except the one who is from God; only he has seen the Father” (John 6:46).

I did not know what to say to God, but being in his presence, I could feel myself being overwhelmed with pain, hurt and sadness. I started to cry uncontrollably. He could feel everything I was feeling.

I screamed out aloud, “I am so hurt, and I am in so much pain!”

God said, “Why are you focusing on those feelings? You need to try and focus on making people happy.”

I screamed out again while crying, “I can’t. I am so hurt, and I am in so much agony because of what has happened to me throughout my life!”

Suddenly I was having quick flashbacks of all the pain and suffering I had endured throughout my life, and I didn’t feel I could make others happy if my soul and body felt like it was torn to pieces because of what people had done to me in the past.

God then showed me a young girl, standing in the pouring rain at night. She was standing on the pebble stone road while lots of people were walking around her but ignoring her standing there. As the camera pulled back slowly, I could see her look up at me with her tearful face before the image slowly faded out to black.

God was speaking to me about what it all meant, but I started to lose focus on what He was saying before the vision ended and I woke up. I do not know what God was trying to tell me, but a month or so went by after the vision, and I started to read a book called, “When Heaven is Silent” by Ron Dunn.

Halfway through the book, I’d just finished reading the chapter called, ‘Why me?’

After reading this chapter, I started to see how my experience with Jesus, John the Baptist and God connected with this chapter. It started to make sense as to what God was trying to tell me just before the vision ended.

The author explains the questions ‘Why me?’ ‘Why do we suffer?’ ‘Why do bad things happen to me?’ ‘Why did my son or daughter have to be taken from me?’

But instead of us asking these questions, the author explains that we should focus not on the Whys but on what we do about those difficult situations that we are in. That’s what I learnt from reading this chapter.

This is what God was trying to tell me when he said, “Why are you focusing on those feelings? You need to try and focus on making people happy.”

God was saying this because, from our own experiences, we always question what we don’t understand.

It is easy for people to blame God or the Devil when bad things happen, whereas the author said we should focus on going forward, doing our Father's will. His will is for us to focus on doing something good and helping others who are in need.


Richard Kansley