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Divine Testimonies

How Jesus Christ Saved Me

Jesus Lives in Us

Something amazing happened to me where Jesus made himself known to me on two separate occasions. Not physically, not with a voice or a sign, but spiritually, in my actions towards other people! The first encounter that happened to me was when I left work. I started to walk home. Around 10 minutes later, a car pulled up beside me. Normally I would have just walked on, but I felt something urge me to stop and wait for a moment. A senior man along with his wife got out of the car and approached me.

By their accent, they were from Australia, and they asked for some help— directions to a hotel. He had the name of the hotel, along with the address and phone number printed on a piece of paper. He also had a map of the city but had trouble finding the correct street they needed to find this hotel.

I decided to help. I took out my phone and used the map-search feature to see if I could find where the hotel was. I entered the street name and postcode into the map application, but I was not able to connect to the internet. I tried to look on the map for him, but still, I could not find the street.

After a few minutes of trying to help him, I had no luck. Until I realised that the simplest way to help them was just to call the hotel number he had printed on the paper. Therefore, I said to the man that I would call up the hotel, find out where they are, and get directions.

I called the hotel and spoke with the receptionist. The receptionist from the hotel told me which way they should go and said I should look at the map and find the shopping centre, which was near the docks. He said that the hotel was near the shopping centre.

I told them which way to go and said that the hotel was near the shopping centre by the docks. They both said, 

“It was kind of you to help us and to go through so much trouble to help us find where the hotel is. Most of the time people would just say they were sorry, they don’t know and carry on walking.” 

He pulled out his wallet and said, 

“Here, let me give you a fiver or something for helping us.” 

I said with disbelief, “No! No, no, no, no, don’t be silly. I’m here to help. Please keep the money.” 

He shook my hand and thanked me again for helping them.

Two days later, I finished work late, and I decided to eat out at a restaurant, which was next door to my office. After my meal, I went to get some money from the cash machine and take a taxi home. As I got outside and approached the taxi rank and was about to get into the cab, I heard a voice in my head urge me not to take the taxi and just walk home.

As I was walking down the street for about five minutes or so, I remembered how I helped the couple

with finding the hotel and said to myself, 

“I wonder if I’m going to help someone else this time!”

Then suddenly at almost the same spot where I helped the couple two days ago, I saw a young man who was trying desperately to ask people for change. He approached me and said, 

“I have been asking people if they would lend me just 50 pence for the bus as I do not have enough money. My feet are killing me from all this walking.”

It seemed that no one would help him, and he said to me that people just looked at him weirdly and ignored him or he bumped into people that did not speak English.

I pulled out my wallet to see if I had any change but said to the man, 

“Well, I don’t think I’ve got any change— just a ten-pound note is all I have, no, sorry, I don’t have change.”

He was so shocked and stunned that he did not know what to say. I lost count how many times he said thank you to me. We headed over to the small grocery store, and I purchased a loaf of bread and gave him some of the change from the ten-pound note.

He said, 

“I can’t believe it; I can’t thank you enough; if I run into you again I’ll give you the money back. Do you know how many people looked at me funny when I asked if they could spare some change? Most of them were Polish speaking; the rest looked at me funny as if I were wearing poor, shabby clothes, begging for money or something.”

He finished by saying, 

“If I run into you again, I’ll give you the money back, but thanks again. You are a good guy. You are truly a good man. I’m so glad I ran into you.” 

I spoke with my pastor a couple of days later and told her of how on two separate occasions I ran into people and helped them. My pastor said to me, 

“Praise be to God! The light of Jesus Christ lives in you, and it shows how you helped those people!” 

The Lord made this happen to show me how much Jesus lives in me. Instead of paying for a taxicab, the Holy Spirit urged me to walk home instead, but now I realised it was to help this man and to be a light to him— to show kindness and love and offer help to those in need, just as Jesus did when he healed the sick and made the lame walk!


Richard Kansley