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Divine Testimonies

How Jesus Christ Saved Me

Testimony Videos

Dream - The Unsaved in Eternal Darkness

In this dream, I saw the lost and unsaved who had recently died and spent eternity in darkness/Hell. There is no love, no light, cut off from the Love of GOD! All there is is just hopelessness, despair, loneliness and suffering! Repent, seek forgiveness and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, to avoid such a place!

Jesus Lives in us! - Life, Hope & Truth (Workings of The Holy Spirit)

Talking about how, by the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ uses me to be a light in the world!

 Dream - Earthquake Strikes my Local Church!

Talking about a dream I had a couple of months later after my Vision of Hell in 2010. An Earthquake strikes my local Parish Church!

A warning from the Lord about Pastors, ministers and Bishops of the cloth who are leading his sheep astray by false teachings and not preaching the true Gospel of Christ!

There are many churches that are full of corruption, idol worshipping to Saint Mary or Jesus statues, child abusers... the list goes on!

We must repent and get out of such places, as the Lord will tear down these so-called Lukewarm Churches! 

Defending a Muslim from aggressive Video Game Players

Moved by the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ wanted me to come to the aid of a Muslim video game player who was assaulted online by so many other users! 

Vision - Woman Thrown Into Hell!

Another Vision of Hell I had back on 14th January 2012. In the presence of my Pastor Anne and Jesus, a young woman saw the Heavens open before her eyes!

She was presented with the chance to ask for forgiveness, accept Christ and be saved so she may go to Heaven. She didn't and Jesus said it was too late, she was thrown in the Lake of Fire!