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Divine Testimonies

How Jesus Christ Saved Me

Vision - Russia and China Invasion

The vision started off with me, and a few others, standing in a huge park. It was a bright and clear sunny day until we heard sirens go off. The sound was loud and could be heard for miles. We looked up into the sky, and we saw hundreds upon hundreds of opening parachutes descending from the sky above us. 

We all started to panic and ran as fast as we could. It did not matter which way we went; we just wanted to get out of the area. As we were running, I shouted out, “It’s the Russians! It’s the Russians! It’s an invasion!” We headed back to the city, and I tried to call my wife, but all I was left with was an eerie voice message saying, “I am not here. I have been taken.” I tried calling her number again, but I was left with the same voice message. 

We then headed for an old tenant block of flats to hide from the impending invading forces. As we headed up the stairwell, one girl came out of her flat and said to us, “Do you have your mobile phone on?” I showed her my phone, and she shouted, “Turn your phone off!” She took my phone and turned off all the data features and said, “They are using our cell phone’s GPS to track and find out where we are.”

We then headed back downstairs and out from the flats and continued up the street. We witnessed a few people trying to grab taxis while others were driving their cars going about their daily business as if nothing was happening. As we headed further up the street, we came alongside a fairly large-sized lake. While we were running along the pavement, we saw white and red armoured vehicles with megaphones attached to their roofs. 

On one of the armoured vehicles, I could hear one of the soldiers talking through the megaphone. I recognised the language; these soldiers were from China. Following closely behind them were troop transport vehicles. There were about five armed soldiers at the back. As they were speeding along, they started to fire their rifles and killing unarmed civilians who were trying to run away. The vehicles suddenly stopped, and the armed soldiers got out and started running towards us. 

We made a run for it and headed down the bank of the lake. As we were running, I saw the soldiers grab and tackle each person down to the ground until only two of us remained. We thought that the only way to escape was to dive into the lake and swim away. As we started to swim, they jumped straight in after us and caught up with us with guns drawn. We were surrounded and decided to give up trying to flee.

What I thought at first were armoured men were, in fact, Chinese women soldiers. They wanted to kill us, and as I had my hands up on top of my head, I pleaded with them, “Why are you doing this?” I was not certain what caused Russia and China to invade and start mass killings, but it was something our government had done to cause this mass invasion. I said to one of the soldiers who appeared to be the leader, “Go after our government. They are the ones responsible, not us!” 

The woman said, “We want your government to suffer as they witness us killing you!” Kneeling just behind her with his hands above his head, was one of the guys who also was also captured with me. One of the female soldiers aimed a pistol at his head. I said, “By doing this, you are no better than our government that has done this to you!” 

She refused to listen to what I was trying to say so I tried explaining what I meant. Suddenly these female soldiers were forced to change form; it was something out of a horror movie. They were demons, but they seemed to slip back and forth between being human and demon. The leader was the Devil while the rest of them were demons. I suddenly grabbed the leader by the neck with one hand and doing the sign of the cross, across her forehead with the other. 

It was like I was trying to perform an exorcism. I started shouting out repeatedly, “In the name of Jesus Christ!” She slipped in and out of being possessed, but suddenly she overpowered me. She had supernatural strength; there was nothing I could do. She laid on top of me and tried to rape me. Suddenly everything went black for a moment. I came to, seeing this woman sitting on the floor while being surrounded by fire. I gazed at her stomach, and it looked like she was pregnant. 

Then a small baby, mutant-like creature, appeared on the floor in front of her. It was the Devil’s child. This was when the vision ended. When I had this dream, there were already, at present, tensions between the West, Russia and China. As the weeks and months went by under President Obama of the United States of America, the world was slowly heading into a new World War. 

Russian bombers would constantly fly into British territory a few times; the bombers would fly close to the Scotland coasts. Tensions were rising, and I believe that we were on the brink of war. This vision was given to me by God, showing me what may come to pass if we are not living in repentance and seeking God with our whole heart. We are not bold and strong enough in the faith against the spiritual warfare that is raging through our world.

Hidden behind our human eyes, Satan wages war on man and God. This was revealed to me when the Chinese soldiers revealed themselves as being possessed by demons. It is more of a spiritual warfare than a physical war, and many of God’s children are asleep, unaware of Satan’s plan to bring about death and destruction.


Richard Kansley