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Divine Testimonies

How Jesus Christ Saved Me

 Salvation & Healing comes to my family over Easter

"The Quarantine Revival"

To my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus!

I’d like to share with you all, a powerful testimony of Salvation and Healing that has started within my own family! When I had a Vision of Hell on April 2nd 2010 which was Good Friday, I accepted Christ and was Saved the day after on April 3rd 2010 by Pastor Anne Saliu.

Pastor Anne had told me many times;

“You are the light, the Prince of your family, Christ will use you to bring them to Jesus so they may be saved!”

Around the middle of March 2020, both my mother and father feel ill. My dad had a chest infection or so he thought and was mostly bed-bound due to running out of breath just after a few steps. He hardly ate or did anything and for the most part just slept. The pharmacy on many occasions messed up his medication. They had either gave him the wrong tablets or not the complete course that was prescribed to him by his doctor.

My mother also was very sick. She had a temperature, nova virus and diarrhoea. Her illness lasted for 3 weeks and she was not getting any better. She also was not eating or making dinner at all. With both my parents mostly bed-bound, there was no one to help them make food or tend to them if they needed something. As the UK is in lockdown due to the coronavirus, only their neighbours or my sister were able to help by leaving medication or groceries by the door.

The week commencing 23rd March 2020, their situation was detreating with my mother having anxiety attacks, suffering from loneliness and also being utterly terrified of the dark. Both my sister and I could see that my mom was in serious trouble. As well as my father who still was not eating and his chest was still not cleared of his chest infection despite taking his medication.

As the situation was not getting better, I started to suffer emotional stress and worry and I started to think that something terrible would happen to both my parents if they did not get the help they needed. With me being so far from London, I was given 2 days of compassionate leave as I did not know how to handle the situation. With us being in lockdown, which didn’t help, it affected me greatly but there was nothing I could do.

As I was getting ready to log in to work from home, I felt the Holy Spirit put in my heart and my mind to call Pastor Anne. We had not spoken in many; many months and I was not sure why I had that thought of calling Pastor Anne. I started to think maybe I was just thinking of her to see how she was doing.

When we spoke, she said she was delighted and excited to hear from me and to my surprise, she said that I too had been on her mind for a couple of weeks! I explained the situation regarding my parents and then later explained to me by saying; 

“The Holy Spirit moved your heart to call me and also put you on my mind for the past few weeks. You are the light in your family, Christ will use to Save them!”

She comforted but also warned me by saying;

“The Enemy is surrounding your family and he is also creating fear and negative thoughts in your head regarding their situation. You must have a sound mind or GOD cannot reach and minister to your parents through you, so you must fixate your mind and your heart on Christ! With a sound mind, the Holy Spirit will work through you to minister to your family. The Enemy does not want your family Saved!”

Over the next couple of days leading up to the week commencing 1st April 2020, I was in constant communication with Pastor Anne, praying and reading the Word. Sometime in the afternoon, my mother and I spoke via What’s App Video call. She would be wailing uncontrollably saying;

“I want to get out of the flat, I am afraid of the dark, I hate to wake up and it’s dark and that every day, I have to go through it, over and over again and I don’t want to!”

At this moment I felt the Holy Spirit burn through my whole body, I was getting waves upon waves of heat that would gradually increase each time my mother would talk about the dark that surrounds her. It was at this point I spoke in thought to The Lord to please give me a sign that this is the moment that my mother is ready to be Saved, to confess with her lips, in her heart to receive Jesus!

It was at this point that again my mother started to wail and moan saying; 

“I hate the dark! I have called and asked GOD to help me many times but he is taking so long, why is he taking so long?!”

This is when the Holy Spirit burnt within me with such intensity that I took the phone and went into one of our bedrooms and closed the door. The Holy Spirit was very much alive and at the forefront of EVERY word that I was about to say!

“Mom, mom, it is ok, are you afraid of the dark?”

My mother nodded in agreement and I continued saying;

“Do you remember the dark place I was in many years ago?”

“No” she answered

“You do remember, when I was in that dark place and I had nowhere to turn but GOD heard my cry and said to me that everything is ok, everything will be fine trust me, you will be ok?”


“Do you remember that Christ brought me out of that dark place?”


“Christ is that light! Those who have the light of Christ, have the Holy Spirit that is given to them by Jesus. They then are a light to others and pass that light onto them! Do you want that Light? Do you want Christ as your light to get rid of that darkness?”


“Ok, first I will say the Lord’s Prayer and then we will be saying the Prayer of Salvation together, all you have to do is just repeat the words after me”

After saying the Lord’s Prayer, I started saying the Prayer of Salvation with my mother repeating each sentence after me. Here is the Prayer of Salvation, the same Prayer that Pastor Anne and I spoke when I got Saved on April 3rd 2010.

Dear Jesus, I admit that I am a sinner. Please forgive me of my sins and for those sins that I have not yet confessed. I am truly sorry and I repent of all my sins.

I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. I also believe in my heart that God raised you from the Dead. I trust you alone, to take me to Heaven when I die.

Thank you for Saving me. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


At that moment, my mom was Saved! Little did she realise, that her name was in the book of Life! Christ became her Saviour! The Darkness was gone! She now no longer fears the dark!

Soon after speaking with my mom, my sister called me saying that she wanted to video call my mom and after, would call me to tell me what they had discussed. A short while later, my sister called me explaining to me that she was advised by her friend who was an ambulance driver that for the mental wellbeing and health, advised my sister to collect her the following day with whatever belongings she wanted to take with and spend some time with my sister.

I started to be worried and concerned that with my dad literally bed-bound and all alone with his ongoing chest infection, I knew that he was going to be in serious trouble. The following day just before my sister and mother were due to leave the flat, I called my dad who was in bed around 6:30 pm. He said that not once did they come in to see how he was and if he needed anything. A couple of minutes later he called me again to tell me that they had left and didn’t come into the bedroom to see if he was ok.

I told him that once he was better, I would arrange a cab to drive him up from London To Edinburgh to be with me and my wife for some time so he was not alone and had some company. He began to become tearful and so happy as he felt like he was abandoned in the flat.

Around 11 pm, I got a call from my dad and as I said Hello 3 times, I got no answer! I knew something was wrong and I continued to say;

“Dad, what’s wrong!?”

He told me with what little breath he had that he couldn’t breathe and to call the ambulance. I Instantly called the ambulance and also called my sister and mother to tell them what was happening. The ambulance eventually came and the paramedics saw that he needed to go to the hospital immediately.

Around 5 am, we all got a text message to say that the hospital thinks he may have pneumonia, chest or lung infection and COVID-19. They were going to do further tests, blood tests, two swab tests and chest x-ray.

My dad told me that upon arriving at the hospital and was told that he could have COVID-19 and pneumonia, he began to cry and felt like he was going to die, he just felt like giving up. Many nurses that surrounded his bed and were encouraging him on not to give up and reassuring him that he will make it.

I was upset and fearful for my dad’s life as he is also asthmatic and with his current condition especially with the potential of having pneumonia and COVID-19. There was a high risk of him dying if he does have COVID-19. I could sense that the enemy was now trying to take my dad’s life just as he tried with my mother.

When I spoke with him via What’s App the following day, I started to gain Spiritual strength to try to encourage and minister to him as well as offering him Healing prayer so that he would be made well!

I said to him;

“By the Grace of God, Christ's light shines upon you! The darkness that surrounds you will not overcome you! For the light that is in me is also with you! You will be made well in Jesus name! For together we can call upon the Lord and you shall receive him as your light, your Saviour of your soul! Your body will be healed and the darkness will be gone!”

As the days went by, he told me via a message that he was getting a bit better and was waiting to see when he would be discharged from the hospital. On Sunday 5th April 2020, I managed to speak to the nurse and after getting through, they told me what was on his notes regarding his condition. They told me that he has a lung infection, pneumonia and COVID-19! They could not understand or explain how in a couple of days he was up on his feet able to walk on his own without an oxygen mask and that his COVID-19 symptoms were only mild!

He was discharged that very evening and was given a lift home in the ambulance. As of now, as each day passes, he is on the mend and getting better gradually! He can get around in the flat and make food, even though he does tend to get out of breath, but by the Grace of God, he is getting better!









Richard Kansley