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Divine Testimonies

How Jesus Christ Saved Me

Dream - The Unsaved in Eternal Darkness

I decided that it was time to share my salvation with the world of how Jesus saved me. From the moment I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I decided to follow Christ, to try to be like him. God has given me the ability to see past the human eye and understanding of this world. I was able to oversee and reveal the truth that Satan was responsible for the horrors and the breakdown of my family and the terrible events that happened throughout my life. 

God had always known of my uncertainty of whether or not I would be saved, SAVED from his judgment for my sins. Even though I had done my best to live a faithful and good life, in the back of my mind, I’d always felt it was never enough. Despite the enemies that I had faced or what evil came upon me, I now put my whole trust in the Lord. 

I will stand my ground, and I will follow and defend Christ before others by not denying him. No matter the cost, no matter what others say or do to me. I had a dream a few nights later after accepting Jesus as my Saviour. I was standing in a never-ending pitch-black room. There was no light anywhere. It felt as if I was in eternal darkness, but I was able to see only at arm’s length.

There was no way to see or tell how big this room was. Everything appeared very dark and grey; it was extremely haunting. There was no light, no sense of happiness or joy in this place, just darkness. Around me, there were hundreds and hundreds of people. Again, their clothes and their bodies appeared dark and grey, but I could clearly see that there were women and men from all age groups. They had this fear and uncertainty about them; they talked and moved about, asking each other questions. 

From what I could tell, they did not know why they were here, but they talked among themselves to see if they could find out what was going on. I got a very strong vibe and a knowing from observing the people around me that they knew that there was no escape from this place. Whether it be murder, stealing, adultery, or blasphemy towards God; one thing that they had in common was they were sinners. 

They were cut off from the Love of God, lost for all eternity. As I was writing down what I had seen in the dream, I felt the Holy Spirit flow through me, and I started to write down what The Lord had said to me. It was only after I had finished writing and had read what I wrote that I could see He was directing this message to me. This is what He said, 


“You have shown and proved that your faith is very strong, strong enough to move mountains! Your love for Christ is paramount, and your sacrifice that you have made to defend His name is never ending. 

“You have faced many mountains, many evil forces who tried to destroy you and to turn you away from me and then deny me. With My strength and your faith in Jesus Christ, My only begotten Son, you have defeated Satan. He no longer will consume your life! You have shown forgiveness towards everyone who betrayed you.

“I have now brought you face to face with the Devil. I have made you see him for who he is and for what he has done to you throughout your life, and now he has been defeated.

“My command to you is to preach My gospel to others. Non-believers and believers will either deny you or believe you. For this, I have now given you the answer that you seek to find.

“Those who were with you (in your dream) are sinners. They will perish in the Lake of Fire, and only I can cast judgment upon those who continue to sin! Nevertheless, I tell you this: you must UPHOLD and forever live in repentance, to follow Christ and to be like Him. 

“You must repent of all your sins; humanity will never be free of sin. It is like a sheet of black cloth that will forever consume your life. You must turn to Christ and ask for forgiveness.”


Richard Kansley