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Divine Testimonies

How Jesus Christ Saved Me

Dream - Tornadoes

One night a while ago, I had a dream. The dream started where a few others and I were at this small industrial site. There were a few small buildings and steel sheds surrounding the site. I had a portable radio with me, and we were listening to the news while we were exploring and looking around. 

The man on the radio reported that there were large and severe storms hitting the United Kingdom and other countries and cities around the world. Suddenly the weather changed rapidly from a clear blue sky to being cloudy with very strong winds. We could sense that a very dangerous storm was about to descend upon us. The weather became so severe that we started to panic. 

Then a huge grey tornado came out of nowhere. It was quite a distance from us, and we were observing its destruction as it struck surrounding buildings. We wanted to get a better view, and as we walked slowly towards the tornado, it changed its course of direction and started to move towards us! 

I heard a voice come into my mind and say, “One tornado will become many and spread across the world.” Then the one tornado became two! One of the tornados hit a parked grey car, which flipped up in the air and was about to land on us. We ran as fast as we could to get away. Luckily the car smashed into the side of one of the warehouse buildings, and the debris was flying everywhere! We all thought that this was not the time for joking around, so we ran as fast as we could away from the tornado. 

As the tornado was moving from behind us, the people started shouting out, “What do we do?” The first thought that came to my head was watching the 1995 movie, Twister. At the end of the film, the characters who played Jo and Bill (Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton) tied leather belts around themselves and fastened the belts around a pipe that went down several feet below ground. 

As we were running, I saw this old warehouse shed directly in front of us. I screamed at the others to follow me into this warehouse. At the back of this warehouse was some pipe work coming up from the ground, so I said to the others to use their belts and tie themselves to those pipes. We were observing the tornado through a window. 

The tornado was right outside the building, but the tornado did not come any closer! I said to myself, “Thank you, God, for keeping us safe and for keeping the tornado at bay!” A few minutes passed, and the tornado gradually disappeared. We all got up and walked outside, observing the damage that the tornado had caused. 

They started to get excited and talk among themselves about what had happened. They then said how amazing it was that the tornado came so close to us. It was awesome. I was very confused by their reaction; we were so fortunate to be alive. Then the voice that spoke to me earlier said, “They will go back to their old ways.” 

It felt like God was sending a message, a warning to us and to the world to live life carefully, to repent of our sins, to give our lives over to God for trust and safety. Despite all of us being in danger from the tornado, it seemed that God’s warning was ignored, even to the point of us almost being killed.


Richard Kansley