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Divine Testimonies

How Jesus Christ Saved Me

Vision - Tsunami hits Manhattan

I had a short vision, on March 15th, 2016 at 8: 45 a.m. I was standing behind two men, and we were overlooking New York City. The two men were hosts from a TV News/ Radio station. What we saw straight away was a huge wave, so high that it was several miles taller than the buildings. 

It was a tsunami, the biggest tsunami that I have ever seen. Nothing was going to be left once this enormous wave struck inland. The first wave was approaching the city at high speed. The waves hit the tall skyscrapers at such velocity and power that it toppled them over like dominos. Houses and smaller buildings were destroyed in seconds. Trucks, cars and other vehicles that were all lined up on freeways and roads were thrown around like toy cars. 

There was destruction and devastation whenever the waves hit. Most of the city was submerged, but only a few taller skyscrapers were left protruding above the water. Then another huge wave, bigger than the last, was fast approaching. One of the men in front of me shouted out aloud, “This is God’s doing!” As the second wave hit, there was nothing left standing. Eventually, the waters calmed. We were now looking at what once was New York, fully submerged under water. 

It was like looking at an ocean, and the vision ended. As mentioned regarding the Russia and Chinese invasion, this was a warning, again, when God’s children are disobedient and not living in repentance. We must wholeheartedly be seeking His face and spreading the Gospel to the world. 

We must love our neighbours as we love ourselves, love those who persecute and hate us; we must love God with all our heart, with all our being. When we fall away from God and rebel and sin, God removes His protection from us, and terrible things start to take place. Even when terrible things happen, we must pray and ask God to heal us, heal the broken-hearted, those who have lost loved ones. We must always seek God and pray no matter the situation, and He will protect and comfort us.


Richard Kansley