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Divine Testimonies

How Jesus Christ Saved Me

Vision of Hell - Testimony

It was several months later after I forgave my dad, and my mother would often call me to see how I was doing after meeting my father under the difficult circumstances. My mother was working at college as a support teacher, and one day she rang me and said,

“I spoke with one of my mutual friends at college; she is a pastor and very spiritual. I told her about the situation between you and your father and that you had forgiven him. She was very pleased to hear it and asked if she could phone you. Her name is Anne, Pastor Anne Saliu.”

I replied, “Yes, it is fine, she can ring me.”

A few days went by and then Pastor Anne phoned me up. We spoke for some time and then she asked if I was coming down to London, as she wanted to meet me.

I said, “I am coming down the weekend before Easter, so maybe we can meet up sometime.”

We arranged to meet up Saturday, the 3rd of April 2010, the day before Easter. During that week, I started to have rough nights and heavy dreams.

The day that I was going to meet up with Pastor Anne, I woke up early in the morning, but shortly after that, I went back to sleep again.

I suddenly found myself in the middle of space, and I suddenly was flying across the universe at lightning speed. I did not have any control of where I could go.

I was in awe, shock and amazement with the scale and size of the universe and how beautiful it looked. I felt so small as if I was a tiny speck of light in a vast black open space.

The stars shone brightly as the galaxies came upon me so fast; it was truly breath-taking. A galaxy system came into view and had a bright golden sun in the middle. The stars and clusters were in a ring-like shape orbiting around the giant sun in the middle.

Huge clusters of asteroids were flying around me. A huge asteroid came into view. It slowly drifted across, and I could not see anything, but then as the asteroid moved way, a dark fiery planet appeared which took me by surprise.

The planet was black and had a rusty surface, but the closer I got to it, I could see the surface was hot and on fire. I was heading straight towards it. I knew what it was, I knew where I was heading, but I did not tell myself this. However, I was thinking to myself 

“Why, why am I going there!?”

As I got closer to this fiery planet, I saw huge lava rock mountains like volcanoes poking out of the planet's crust. Standing on top of them were people (humans), but they appeared as black figures.

They were burning and set on fire from the lava spewing out from these volcanic mounts that they were standing on. I came right into the planet's atmosphere, and I could see a vast black lake of fire as far as the eye could see.​

Pockets of black lava rock islands were scattered around this black lake of fire. Then I looked up into the sky, and I saw what looked at first like bats, but they were three huge black-winged demons!

They were all set ablaze, and the fire from their bodies lit up the black sky in red. I then started to hear screams of thousands upon thousands of people! They were all screaming, shouting and groaning in pain and agony.

I have never heard anything so terrible in my life, but there was one scream that I cannot to this day remove from my head. It was the crying of a woman, groaning, screaming in pain and torment. The moment my feet touched the ground, I was on one of the black rock islands.

I stood there and said to myself, “No matter what, I LOVE GOD, and I will fight my way out of this!”

Scorpions and huge lava worms were coming up from the ground. The scorpions were stinging my feet and ankles, but I could not feel any pain. The lava worms were coming up from underground and attacking the people that were there with me.

One of the lava worms came at me; I tried to kill it, but had no weapons of any kind. I grabbed it with both hands. It was so big that I could not keep it from attacking me. It was twice my size, slimy and had horrible long teeth.​

​Its mouth opened and I managed to stop it from tearing my chest apart, but it had a smaller mouth which came out and was aiming towards my chest.

I woke up and sat at the edge of my bed; it took a few minutes for the vision that I saw to sink in before I knew that I had been shown Hell.

I never felt so dead in my life; it was as if my soul was ripped out of my body, but my flesh was alive. It was an unpleasant feeling.

After this experience, Pastor Anne took me out to have a light meal, to discuss my life, and to talk about God. I told Pastor Anne about the dream I had and she said, “Richard, it is not a dream; it is a revelation! God loves you, and he showed this vision of hell to you so others can see that hell does exist.”

As our discussion continued, Pastor Anne had one thing left for me to do, and that was to bring me to Jesus Christ!

As we prayed the prayer of Salvation, I was confessing to Jesus that I am a sinner and asking Jesus to forgive me. I continued saying that Jesus is Lord and “I believe God rose you from the dead.” Suddenly, I felt a strong heat flowing from my body. Suddenly, something was taking control over my facial expressions.

Whatever it was, it caused me to grin at Pastor Anne; it was trying to disrupt, me as I stopped repeating the words of the prayer.

I had no control of what was happening. I used my hands to apply pressure to my face so that I could gain control.

By confessing with my mouth, heart, and soul that I believed in Jesus, this manifestation or demon was being tortured, and I lost all action and control over myself. I could feel the burning and heat inside of me getting stronger.

Through me, this demon revealed itself came out from within and took over my body and put both of my hands over my face. I started screaming in pain and groaning as if I was in terrible pain. Then I shouted at Pastor Anne, “NO! STOP, I CANNOT DO THIS! … STOP, PLEASE STOP!”

This demon wanted to fight so hard to keep a hold of me so that I could not confess that Jesus is Lord and that I believe in Him.

Pastor Anne banged on the table and shouted, “Richard! Finish the prayer! Finish it!”

I had enough strength and finished my confession, and suddenly I felt a huge force leave my body. I was out of breath, exhausted as if two powerful forces were pulling at my soul. Pastor Anne shouted, “Richard! Praise be to God! You are with Jesus, and you are saved! Satan is defeated! Your name is now in the Book of Life!”

I have expressed countless times how thankful and in awe I am of Jesus for freeing me and showing me the truth. It is now my job to tell everyone about my experience. Through the blood of Jesus, I am set free, and I am no longer a slave to sin.

I am renewed in my spirit. I am a new creation, which is in the likeness of God, created in righteousness and holiness of the truth. Praise God for showing me how far away I was from Him and how dead in sin I was. He wanted me to cry out to Him, so He could save me from my sins and wash me clean through the blood of His son.

When I was younger, I thought I was saved, but I was lost because Jesus was not the Lord of my life. I was trying to live a ‘good life’ by following God’s Commandments, and this does not make you right with God. You must also have your sins washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ, or else you will still pay for your sins when you die.

Yes, we have some difficult times ahead of us, but I feel stronger as each day passes and I am prepared for the things that will come upon this world.


Richard Kansley